About Me

Why I do this:

I create because it brings me  joy. There are times when I feel a spiritual connection when I create.  It is my hope that sharing my art will help spread light and love around to a world that is in great need.

Artist Bio:

I am a Fresno based, California artist who is mostly self-taught with the exception of a few college courses. I have enjoyed drawing and creating with bold colors since the age of five in a technique I called the broken crayon approach. I still enjoy it to this day. In addition to my attraction to strong vibrant colors, I am mesmerized with the challenge of creating the allusion of space, distance and three-dimensional form on the two-dimensional plane of paper or canvas.

My Process:

There are times when I have 3-5 pieces in progress. The subjects, mediums, and styles that interest me are so varied that I often have to force myself to narrow my focus onto one theme or style. I enjoy taking an impressionistic approach to most of my pieces.  Capturing the expanse, light, and spirit of the outdoors is my current infatuation. I am constantly experimenting, playing, and learning. Check back often. 

 Please feel free to reach out directly to me at:  jon@aycockart.com